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Foreverse is now on Kickstarter!


We’ve launched a KickStarter to take Foreverse to the next level!

The idea is to bring the rich storytelling of great television dramas to the medium of virtual reality. We’re adding social as well, so you can experience the show with friends or on your own.

We love gaming in VR, but for virtual reality to really take off it’s going to require a variety of content. Foreverse is a totally new concept for entertainment in VR. It’s not a game, it’s not a TV show. We’re calling it a Roomie; a room scale movie.

In Foreverse, detectives stumble onto evidence that objective reality might not be so real. Agent Jackson and his partner Stanton are sent in to capture Kevin, a non player entity who’s somehow become sentient. That discovery sets off a chain of events that threaten the existence of not just the virtual world, but objective reality as well. Ultimately, the show explores the possibility that perfecting our own simulation is humanity’s ultimate endgame. It’s “The X Files” meets “Ready Player One”.

We’ve been writing and developing the show for over a year already and we’ve shown “Proof of concept” demonstrations throughout the VR community. The response has been incredible, and now we want to take the project even further and complete season 1 at the highest quality.

Join us! Make a pledge and be first to get the series! Best of all, be a part of taking VR entertainment to the next level with the very first room scale sci fi series, Foreverse!


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