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We’re creating a dedicated platform for users to discover and view high quality game engine based VR cinema content together with friends online via avatars and voice chat. That platform is called VROOMIE. Patent pending.

Our concept for VR cinema offers roomscale, linear cinematic storytelling. These are not video games or “choose your adventure” stories. These are next gen movies and TV shows, viewed in virtual reality. What makes the platform and content casually interactive are the interactions users have with their friends and family while experiencing the story.

Imagine compelling stories where the characters and action are in the the room with you and your friends. That’s the power of immersive entertainment… that’s a Vrooomie.


We’re partnering with innovative Hollywood filmmakers as we build a stellar library of content ahead of launch. We are also working on home grown series content.

For my on our in-house content development, see our series section.