Foreverse is a totally new concept for entertainment in VR. This is a room scale animated series for VR platforms. That means that instead of watching the series on a framed screen, the story unfolds all around you.

In Foreverse, detectives stumble onto evidence that objective reality might not be so real. Agent Jackson and his partner Stanton are sent in to capture Kevin, a non player entity who’s somehow become sentient. That discovery sets off a chain of events that threaten the existence of not just the virtual world, but objective reality as well. Ultimately, the show explores the possibility that perfecting our own simulation is humanity’s ultimate endgame. It’s “The X Files” meets “Ready Player One”.

We’re adding social as well, so you can experience the show with friends or on your own. Entertainment has always been a social experience, and it just makes sense to translate that into the virtual world.

About the demo


(Press the SPACEBAR once on the start screen to begin the demo)

This demo contains the first 6 minutes of the pilot episode. Built in the Unity3D game engine, this demo represents our current work in progress toward building the series. We’ve built about 20 minutes of the show in an early alpha form to prove out our ideas.

We experimented with translating traditional TV show elements into a game engine based VR narrative format. You’ll see familiar elements like edits, dolly and crane shots, except it’s your play space moving instead of the “camera”. We also try new things, like giving you the ability to move around freely within your play space as the show unfolds around you. There are 3 “scenes”, each will take a few moments to load. When the demo is done, it will return you to the splash page.

This demo is compatible with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and runs on any VR capable hardware. There are no controller interactions. Just press the space bar on your keyboard to start the demo and enjoy.

While there may be some rough edges, we hope you enjoy the free demo! Share it with friends and family, and give us a shout. We’d love to hear your feedback.